Pathways Charter

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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement 
Pathways Charter School provides an individualized, home-based, independent study educational option to self-directed students from diverse backgrounds in grades K-12 living in five North Bay Area Counties. Pathways provides a rigorous, standards-based learning plan for our students which addresses individual student needs and interests through a team model approach that includes strong, active collaboration from the family. Our focus is to facilitate the growth of our students so that they will become life-long learners, critical thinkers, able researchers, and cooperative learners by encouraging respect, community participation, self-expression, effective communication, and technological literacy.
Vision Statement 
Students and staff at Pathways Charter School are guided by the overarching vision that all students require individual attention to their specific needs in instruction and delivery. Students in the lower grades benefit from a cross-graded approach to learning, while secondary students are grouped into traditional grade levels. Cross-grading describes a process by which students may work across multiple grade levels according to their skill levels. For all grades, Pathways embraces the concept of individualization and differentiation—highly reflective and personalized forms of education, which will enable Pathways Charter School graduates to acquire the skills necessary to become educated citizens in the 21st Century.