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Educational Resources

At Pathways we offering a range of educational services to support student's personalized learning plans. These resources include:
  • Curriculum: We can purchase curriculum from over 50 catalog vendors (see link to the right). We also have a collection of recommended and commonly used curriculum in our regional curriculum libraries (see link to the right). Over the past two years, we have developed charts of recommended curriculum by subject and grade level which help parents new to the model of Independent Study consider different aspects of curriculum. These charts can also be found on the link to the right.
  • Classes: We offer a variety of classes at our offices and learning centers. To learn more about what is offered in your region, go to the Regions tab across the home page bar- select your county/region and then select the link for "classes".  We also sponsor classes offered by a variety of community vendors. This information is also found on each regional page under the tab "VCI" for vendor course instructors. These vendors range from art studios to nature exploration camps.
  • Online Courses and Enrichment: We offer stand-alone 9-12 grade online courses and supplementary online core curriculum for K-12.  This information is found in the links to the right: Online Curriculum K-8 and 9-12, and can be ordered through the Online Curriculum Order Form or directly through the vendor (see instructions for each specific vendor).
  • Field Trips: Each year we sponsor a range of exciting field trips for all ages. To learn more about this year's trips, select the link to the right.