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Vendor Course Instructor Employment

Vendor Course Instructor Employment

How do vendors fit into the program at Pathways Charter School?
Pathways Charter School is an independent study program that serves home-based learners. We design individualized educational plans to meet student needs. We offer a wide variety of curriculum and classes. Some of our classes are taught by local vendors in the community that we call vendor course instructors (VCI’s). We rely on the expertise of these vendors to diversify our course offerings to students. Most vendors teach off-site while a few, by invitation, teach at our learning centers. Students can elect to use a portion of their curriculum budget towards the class taught by the VCI. This amount will vary student to student.


What is the process to become a VCI?
Since Pathways Charter School is a public school we must have an application process that ensures the quality of our instructors and the safety of our students in compliance with Education Code regulations. The first step of the process is to read and understand the process and structure of the VCI system. After reading this information if the instructor wishes to proceed he/she should:

  • Send your business information and/or resume with service and cost information to the regional Principal via email

Sonoma: Cheryl Townsend at 

Marin: Michele Blaisdell at

Solano/Napa: Jill Dorsey at

  • The local principal will review the proposed service and determine if there is a need in their local area. If it is determined that there is a need a packet will be sent from Jenny Feige in our main office. If you have questions about the paperwork please contact Jenny at 707-585-6516 or
  • Once you receive the packet, complete the required documents and return them to the school, including fingerprinting and a TB test.
  • Once the school receives your completed packet and the fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice we will submit your application to the School Board of Directors for approval. Approval may take up to two months depending on when the office received your completed application.
  • Once your application has been approved by the board, you will receive a final packet containing the process for student referrals and invoicing.
  • The vendor will be contacted by the local administrator to coordinate classes and advertising.
  • Parents will be notified through our ebulletin.


I have been fingerprinted before, can’t I just use those?
Employers are not allowed to share fingerprint results information. With each new employer the employee must get a new set of LiveScan fingerprints.


How long is my TB test good for?
TB test results are good for 4 years.


How are VCI’s paid?
As a public school we use purchase orders. The teacher of each Pathway’s student in the class will create a purchase order for their student that fits within their student budget. The purchase order will be for the entire amount allotted to the class for the semester. The VCI then uses this purchase order number to create a monthly bill and submits the bill at the end of each month for payment


Can VCI’s be paid up front?
No, we must use the purchase order system described above.


Is it guaranteed that I will become a VCI?
No, factors such as student population, similar services already in place are all considered when reviewing a request to become a vendor.


How long will the process take to become an active vendor?
The process can take 1 to 2 months depending on the return of paperwork and fingerprinting results.


For more information, contact Jenny Feige,