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JC Jumpstart Grad Program & Dual Enrollment Program

The Pathways' JC Jumpstart program helps graduates prepare for the Community College transition before leaving high school. However, the program is not limited to seniors. High school students in other grades may participate as well. JC Jumpstart is an exciting opportunity for students to take college classes while enrolled in high school!



To ensure success dual enrollment, the following qualifying factors are considered prior to approval:

*Academic history

*Current grades (passing PCS courses with C’s or better)

*Rigor and combination of JC course(s) requested 

*Extracurriculars and/or commitments outside of school 



Dual enrollment offers the following advantages to students:

*Credit value up to 3.33 x HS credits

*Most college classes are weighted as “honors”

*College credits are “banked”

*Expands a-g options 


Click on your local Community College icon, listed below, to review steps to enrollment. 
Whether you're a senior preparing to complete your matriculation plan prior to graduation or a student seeking dual enrollment approval, the first step is to contact the Guidance Department. Email Guidance Coordinator, Naomi Yedlosky, to get started!

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