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Overgrad is a college and career preparation platform that helps students plan for life after high school!  Students are able to find colleges and careers that match with their academic abilities and interests, understand the requirements needed to get there, and then have tools to track their progress toward meeting those requirements. Pathways offers free Overgrad accounts to all high school students. 

How do students sign up for Overgrad?

Students and families are not required to use Overgrad. Students can access Overgrad on any device—including laptops, phones, and tablets. High school students will receive an Overgrad account set-up email at the start of the school year. Following the instructions in the set-up email is the easiest way to get started. However, students may also create an account by completing the steps below.


To create an Overgrad account:


1. Visit and click SIGN UP
2. Sign in with Google using your Pathways' email address

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3. Select Pathways Charter School


For additional set up assistance please use the following resource: Student Onboarding Video

For questions or troubleshooting, email Overgrad: