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About Me

After earning a BA in French Literature, and CA Teaching Credentials in both English and French; AnnMarie began teaching in 1991 at Cardinal Newman High School, where she taught Literature, World History and French for seven years.

While on maternity leave, AnnMarie earned a MA in English at SSU and discovered Waldorf education. For the ensuing twelve years she followed her two youngest sons through the classrooms of an elementary Waldorf curriculum. In 2007, AnnMarie entered the Waldorf Teacher Training and taught three years of Middle School at SunRidge Waldorf Charter School.

AnnMarie began working with Pathways in 2013 as an Independent Study Teacher and a Classroom Teacher. AnnMarie brings her love of children, the classics, language, storytelling, art and the garden to her enrichment classes in Folklore and Gardening.

AnnMarie is inspired by the homeschooling and independent studies movement taking place in California today. As all children are inherently unique, the opportunities for personal and individualized learning through Pathways create a personalized education for each child, building upon his/her strengths and interests. She teaches Folklore (with a little French) and Literature Circle at PCS as enrichment classes and is an IS Teacher for grades K-12.