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I love working at Pathways Charter School! I'm an Independent Study Teacher (IST) and get to teach classes as well as design personalized educational plans for my students, Kindergarten through 12th grade! That means I get to use both my teaching credentials (Single Subject in English Language Arts and a Multiple Subject) to their full advantage, as well as use my researching and program design background to help make learning fun.


Of course, the students are amazing. So many different backgrounds, different goals, and all of them working with their parents to make sure they achieve academic success. We have a lot of fun learning in the project-based classes I teach--science and Language Arts this year!


You will find my current writing in the national magazine 101 Things to Do (Sonoma and Napa Counties) and the Green Schoolyards America California Activity Guide 

( Check out my travel blog to locate Sonoma and Napa county gems at


For five years, I also helped develop environmental education programs for children in California schools for a national utility company. Now I teach those programs to my students! I've often been contracted as a writer, editor and researcher.


Thirteen years of professional writing and instructional experience enables me to provide strengths in student instruction, professional curriculum and lesson plan writing (linking objectives to state standards, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards), English Language Arts, collaboration project development, grant writing, fundraising, research and education. I currently have a single subject credential in English (for secondary students) and a multi-subject credential for elementary students. I love teaching!