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Advantages of Pathways

At Pathways, we take our role as your educational partner very seriously, and we work to provide the resources that best support our students and their parents/guardians in a home-based model.


Every school makes choices about how to allocate its resources. Because we serve such a wide variety of students, Pathways prioritizes providing a diverse range of supports to our students and their parents/guardians.




Direct Teacher Support

(incl. up to weekly meetings)

for guidance, curriculum planning, assessments, etc.

Range of meeting options and additional support

Learning Center Access

for meetings, classes, library, other services

Learning center or office in each county

Learning Center Classes,

Advisories, and Study Halls

Proportional number of classes offered in each county

A-G Coursework

In-person and online classes

Direct Student Services

(ex. math tutoring, reading intervention, Special Education services)

Offered in each county and online

High School Guidance Coordinator & Programs

Full-time Coordinator

JC Jumpstart

Naviance software

Field Trips


Lending Library

Available for free to all students


Lending Library

Available for free to all students

Technology Equipment including chromebook and wifi hotspot with service from T-Mobile

Available for free to all students, priority to low income