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Welcome to High School Guidance at Pathways!

Pathways actively supports students in developing an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) to support their post-high school goals. For some students, this means direct entrance to a UC, CSU or private college and Pathways has a full complement of a-g approved courses which allow students to enter a university directly following high school. Others may want to attend a local community college and transfer to a university after earning their AA/AS degree, or complete an industry certificate program. Finally, other students may choose to embark on a career or other life plan. We can support all of these pathways. We offer guidance and support in a variety of formats.

  • Academic Advising
    • Trained and experienced Independent Study Teachers (ISTs) help students review Graduation Requirements, the High School Course Catalog offerings, region specific Class offerings and develop Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs).
    • Senior Grad Check meetings. Our Guidance Coordinator reaches out to all seniors.
  • College Information
    • 4-year college advising to explore CSU, UC, and other 4-year college options. Contact Guidance Coordinator, Naomi Yedlosky, to schedule an appointment after meeting with your IST. 
    • Community College information
  • Other Paths Beyond Pathways
    • Where Will You Go?
    • Diploma Alternatives Note: Pathways is a diploma-bound only program. We can provide information about the CHSPE and/or GED if a student plans to transition out of our program and is considering these options.