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College and Career Advising Overview

Where will you go?


Pathways actively supports students in developing an individualized learning plan to support their post-high school goals. For some students, this means direct entrance to a UC, CSU or private college and Pathways has a full compliment of a to g approved courses which allow students to enter a university directly following high school. Others may want to attend a local community college and transfer to a university after earning their AA degree or complete an industry certificate program. Finally, students may embark on a career or other life plans.  We can support all of these pathways.  We offer guidance and support in a variety of formats including:

  • Trained and experienced teachers who help students to develop individualized 4-year learning plans.
  • Regional College Advising Nights held each fall.
  • Individual college advising sessions with our Guidance Coordinator, Naomi Yedlosky, or private Certified College Advisor Laurie Nimmo. Contact her at
  • Access to concurrent enrollment at local community colleges and Odysseyware online.
  • Local programs to help bridge students from high school to local junior colleges.
  • Specialized curriculum to support students in developing their 4-year plans and developing a portfolio by their senior year.
  • Email bulletins updating students on application timelines and scholarship opportunities.
  • Naviance/Family Connection which is a comprehensive college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation.

So the first step is to talk with your Independent Study Teacher to begin making your plan. We look forward to helping you reach your goal!         




Naomi Yedlosky, Guidance Coordinator: