Emergency Resources

Thank you for visiting our Emergency Resources page. We strive to maintain accurate and up to date information on this page. We know during an emergency event there can be an over-abundance of accurate and inaccurate information available and details can continue to change quickly. This page was established to be a hub for information, providing answers to your questions, details regarding how the emergency event impacts your life as a parent and student at Pathways. In the event of an actual emergency, we will communicate with families via our website, e-Bulletin, our emergency text alert system, and this page and associated documents will be regularly updated. As always, please reach out to us at any time, we are here to support you.
For additional COVID information, navigate to our COVID-19 Information and Guidance page on the right side of the page.
Staff, students, and parents visiting learning centers must use these screening tools at home prior to leaving to come to the center and then will use our self-check-in station upon arrival. As a reminder, do not come to campus if you are not feeling well. 
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Sick Student Policy
For the health and safety of all staff and students, do not bring sick students to school. If your child has been out sick, in order to return to learning center classes or meetings, students must be fever (a fever is defined as 100.4* F), diarrhea, and vomit-free for 24 hours. Do not bring your child to school if they vomited during the night. 
Review this easy-to-read summary from Akron Children's Hospital as a guideline as to when to keep your kids home from school. Simple steps to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses are to cover cough and sneeze with a tissue or flexed elbow, wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer. Last but not least, stay home if you are sick. 
sick policy
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If your student tested positive for COVID, immediately notify the school and follow these guidelines
If your student was exposed to COVID, follow these guidelines
Air Quality: To monitor wildfire smoke visit this site by clicking on the image. The guidelines from the County Office of Education can be found HERE.
Monitor WildFire Smoke
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Getting Internet Access: Available Plans (note- many local internet companies are offering free or low-cost service for new accounts and waived payments for existing customers)