Board Information

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Board Information

The Roles of the Pathways Charter School Governing Board:


  1. Establish and Develop Policy and Procedures

The Governing Board will work collaboratively with the school Director to develop appropriate policies and operational procedures. Policies, once outlined, will be drafted and presented to the Board for discussion, and must receive Board approval prior to implementation. Subject to the Brown Act, all new board policies are subject to public input and cannot be approved without two meetings to allow for a first and second reading before adoption. 


  1. Establish and Maintain Fiscally Sound Budget Practices: Oversee the Annual Budget Process.

The Governing Board will work with the Director and Business Manager to develop and execute a fiscally sound budget each school year. The Board will monitor fiscal solvency and management. The Board will also approve budgets/spending and fiscal policies


  1. Act as an Avenue of Communication for the Parents, Staff, and Students of the School.

Board meetings are an opportunity for the school population to inform itself with regard to policy, procedures and fiscal matters. In addition, the Board welcomes public input at its monthly Board meetings as an opportunity for any member of the school community to share suggestions commendations or concerns not related to personnel. 


  1. Inform the Larger Community with Regard to the Operation of the School

Community members and members of the public at large are welcome at all Pathways Board meetings. All meetings are posted as required by the Brown Act and all minutes and agendas are matters of public record. The Board President acts as the public spokesperson for the school. 


  1. Hire/Evaluate the School Director

The Board assumes the responsibility for holding the school Director accountable for the overall successful operation of the school. The Director is evaluated on a scheduled basis by the Board, and submits annual goals and objectives for the Board’s review.


  1. Evaluate Effectiveness of School Programs

The Board receives surveys, test data, attendance information and other information as needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the school, and the degree to which goals and directions of the charter are being achieved.