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Course Catalog

Welcome to high school at Pathways Charter School! We are excited you have chosen our personalized learning program for your high school journey.


We hope this catalog will provide you with ample information to begin your four-year course planning while considering your post-high school options. Pathways actively supports students in developing an individualized learning plan to prepare for their future post-high school graduation goals. For some students, this means direct entrance to a UC, CSU, or private college, and Pathways has a full complement of a-g approved courses designed to ensure that you are ready to enter a university directly following high school. Other students may choose to attend a local junior/community college and then transfer to a university after earning their Associate degree. Finally, some of you may embark on a career or work towards an industry certification, travel or take a gap year, volunteer or intern in a field of interest, or pursue other life plans. At Pathways, we can support all of these possibilities. We offer guidance and assistance in a variety of ways, including:

  • Trained and experienced Independent Study Teachers who help their students to develop an individualized four-year learning plan. In addition, the Academic Program Director, the Certified Guidance Coordinator, and the regional Area Coordinators support all teachers and students.
  • Regional college advising sessions with our Certified Guidance Coordinator Naomi Yedlosky.
  • Concurrent enrollment at local junior/community colleges.
  • Odysseyware and other online course options.
  • Support for a wide variety of individualized elective courses.
  • Local programs to help students bridge from high school to junior/community college.
  • Specialized curriculum and resources (including Naviance) designed to support students in developing their high school course plans, setting post-high school goals, and creating a portfolio by the time they graduate.
  • eBulletin and website updates for students and parents/guardians, with details about application timelines, scholarship opportunities, and other resources. Additional information can be found in the Pathways Parent & Student Handbook, as well.

The first step is to review this handbook and catalog, and then talk with your teacher to begin making your plan. We look forward to helping you reach your goal!