Enrolled Family Resources

Discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment, intimidation, and bullying are all disruptive behaviors, that interfere with students’ ability to learn, negatively affect student engagement, diminish school safety, and contribute to a hostile school environment. As such, Pathways Charter School (“PCS”) prohibits any acts of discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment, intimidation, and bullying altogether. For additional information on protections and policies, please visit the California Department of Education websites on Bullying Prevention and Discrimination Prevention.
Prohibited Unlawful Harassment
  • Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory jokes, comments, or slurs
  • Physical conduct including assault, unwanted touching, intentionally blocking normal movement, or interfering with work because of sex, race, or any other protected basis
  • Retaliation for reporting or threatening to report harassment
  • Deferential or preferential treatment based on any of the protected classes above