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Resources & Forms

Parent Student Handbook
This is a comprehensive, essential document that all prospective and current families should read.
Forms for Parents:
Emergency Resources:
For fire victims in Sonoma County- check out this website with a  variety of resources:


Local Assistance Center:

This is a great resource for variety of emergency needs including insurance, DMV and FEMA.


When:  Opens at 9:00 AM, last entry at 6:00 PM, daily for at least two weeks
Where: Press Democrat building in downtown Santa Rosa
427 Mendocino Ave. between Ross and 5th Streets



Dealing with trauma:

Some great tools at this charter school's Facebook page from 10/16 and 10/17 a video recording from a therapist:


Recommendations from Hospice during disaster and grief


 Extreme Self Care

While chaos is swirling we must try to drink plenty of water, eat whenever possible, sleep even if it’s in

small naps, breathe and focus on the exhale, and notice gravity. When the world has been flipped

upside down, feel your feet on the ground or physically hold something heavy to ground you to the earth.


Try for Maximum Compassion

We try to have compassion for others and for those wanting to help but who may not know how to. Most importantly, have compassion for yourself. Try to let go of what you should do and focus on what you are able to do in this moment.


Expect shock and a range of emotions

The emotions we experience might surprise us and feel unexpected. They are all important and normal. Just some of what you might experience may include: numbness, anger, sadness, confusion, overwhelm, unexpected waves of feeling, exhaustion, an unfocused mind, and increased sensitivity to stimulus.


Protect your nervous system

We can easily become overwhelmed by the mass of images, stories, noise, light, color and other stimulus. Offer yourself patience and protection for your nervous system. Protect yourself from others opinions on this tragedy. Connect with others you trust. Look through grief and other resource materials at your own pace. Offer healthy distractions and moments of quiet and darkness when possible.


 Practices of comfort

At these times we must look for moments of comfort in any way. You can create a small altar where you are (something to do with kids as well); create a place for memories through a journal or a thought box; or dedicate small moments in honor of the loss such as during a workout, a walk or a meal.


 Body Absorbs the impact

Our bodies are used to a certain rhythm and routine, patterns and movements. We might just feel like something is wrong, missing or forgotten. The body may also experience tired muscles, changes in appetite and tightness in the chest, throat and stomach.


We continue to weather these storms together and support one another in the beautiful ways that this community has already connected. While we hope that the immediate danger will soon pass, we must also remember that grief is a marathon and we must go slowly, conserve energy and return often to our breath.