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Parent Training: 9-12

Pursuing a high school education via an independent study program can be very different than taking classes in a traditional site-based setting. In order to accomplish their goals, students must work collaboratively with parents/guardians and teachers as part of an educational team. (And because high school students take such an active role in their own education, this "parent training" is really a "parent and student training.") Choosing courses, completing graduation requirements, making post-high school plans while keeping options open -- a daunting task. Fortunately, you have plenty of support at Pathways, not only your independent study teacher but also our Guidance Coordinator, class instructors, office staff, and community resources.


To help you with this exciting endeavor, we have prepared a number of tools.

Start by considering the following questions:


  • What are my goals, interests, strengths, challenges, and needs?
  • What brings me to Pathways? How is this setting different than my previous school, and what do I need to be successful here?
  • What are my expectations? my parent’s or guardian’s expectations? my teacher’s expectations?
  • How will I structure my day? manage my time? set up my learning environment?
  • Will I take all of my courses independently, or will I include learning center and/or JC classes?
  • How will I manage my assignments and paperwork?
  • How will I communicate with my teachers?
  • And how will I know if I’m making progress?

Continue by exploring some of the materials available at this website.

Parents/guardians and students should review the Graduation Requirements and High School Course Catalog (see Advising above), and the “Paperwork Guidelines for Parents and Students: Grades 9-12” (see link on the right).

Take a look at the Parent Student Handbook, particularly “Section IX: For High School Students and Their Parents” (see Parents - Handbook & Forms above).

Students should work through the “Back-to-School Tasks for Pathways Charter School Independent Study Students: Grades 9-12” and discuss it with their teacher (see link on the right).

Remember to find time for some big picture planning with your independent study teacher and the Guidance Coordinator.