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Curriculum Catalogs

Student Educational Units (EUs) (see Board Policy 1.5 for full version)
In order to support the mission of individualized education, each student at Pathways Charter School is given a student budget which may be used to support his or her educational plan. Together the members of the educational team design the student’s learning plan by making selections from available resources and materials such as curriculum, learning center and vendor classes, and field trips. This budget is comprised of “educational units” and no actual money or “things of value” are provided to students or families. These educational units are used to track how the resources are allocated and assure equity in access among students.
The amount of the student budgets is set each year based on the overall school budget and funding from the state. The amount varies from year to year; it is not guaranteed to remain the same and may be reduced or increased within a given school year. The annual allotment is broken down into several distributions. The allotment schedule is planned according to the annual budget and cash flow, but distributions are typically made in August, October, and January.
Student budget EUs may be used to support the educational goals listed in the student’s educational plan, and it is the responsibility of the Independent Study Teacher to correctly and efficiently manage educational units to meet the educational needs of each student. The primary use of student funds is to acquire core curricula; the following are materials and services that can be funded using the student budget:
• Traditional curricula and learning materials from approved vendors
• Local support classes taught by Pathways staff members and approved VCIs
• Computer software and online curricula
• Field trips, workshops, or other special events authorized and coordinated by the school staff
All non-consumable materials purchased with student budget educational units are the property of Pathways Charter School and must be returned to the school when no longer being used by the student. 
Curriculum Catalogs
Pathways purchases new student materials from a range of vendors. Parents work collaboratively with their Independent Study Teacher to plan and purchase standards-based curricula and to allocate student budget EUs. Teachers then place ordering requests, which must be approved by the regional Principal. Please review the range of materials available on the websites below and discuss options with your child's teacher. Please plan to visit one of our regional curriculum libraries, as well, to see what we have in stock for check-out and available for preview.