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PCS Dual Enrollment Program

Dual enrollment

The Pathways Dual Enrollment Program is designed to give our current continuing high school students an opportunity to get an early start on their college experience.


Eligibility includes:

  • full-time enrollment with Pathways (minimum of 20 credits)
  • meeting community college requirements, including prerequisites as applicable
  • grades of C's or better in all Pathways courses and classes for the duration of the dual enrollment term
  • dual enrollment interest form review each term
  • acknowledgement of agreement to the terms outlined in the PCS Dual Enrollment FAQs below

If you have questions, please contact Guidance Coordinator, Naomi Yedlosky.

[email protected]


PCS Dual Enrollment Interest Forms will be available again in the Fall.

*Please note that dual enrollment forms will not be processed over the summer.

Please return to this page to submit an interest form beginning August 7, 2024.

PCS Dual Enrollment Program FAQs


The following qualifying factors are considered:

Dual enrollment offers the following advantages to students:

  • Academic history
  • Appropriate maturity for college level interaction
  • Current grades
  • Rigor and combination of JC course(s) requested
  •  Extracurricular and/or commitments outside of school
  • Credit value up to 3.33 x HS credits
  •  Most JC classes weighted as “honors”
  • College credits are “banked”
    • (earn HS and JC credits at the same time)
  • Expands a-g options
  • Expands elective options