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K-2 Benchmarks

K-2 Benchmark Assessments

Students in grades K-2 are given teacher-administered paper-and-pencil Benchmark Assessments in Reading and Math two-three times per year to determine their skill levels and to monitor academic progress.

Math Assessments are given by the student’s IST at the beginning of the year (or late spring) as an assessment of whether or not the student is ready for the next grade. Therefore, the content of each test assesses the student's mastery of the prior year's standards. For example, the 1st grade math readiness assessment covers the kindergarten math concepts. This is just one tool and provides a snapshot of information to use in guiding your planning.

We recommend that 1st grade students have a Reading Assessment in fall and spring to establish a baseline of skills and areas of growth. This assessment is comprised of 5 subtests and is administered with a specialist one-on-one. The parent may be present if they prefer but they cannot offer any support. The first subtest is letter identification in which the student is asked to either name the letter, give the sound or say a word that starts with the letter. The second sub-test is writing vocabulary where the student is given about 10 minutes to write the words, if any, that they can write.  The third subtest is word reading where the student is asked to read any of the first grade level words in a short list. The fourth subtest asks the student to write a sentence that is read to them. They are given points for any of the sounds they hear.  Lastly, the student is asked to read a leveled book if they are able. Parents are asked to bring in a book that the student can read at their level easily to give the specialist an idea of where the student is able to read. The entire assessment takes from 30-45 minutes. At the conclusion, the specialist will go over the results with the parent and discuss areas of strength and areas to focus their learning on.

Students in grades K-2 may also access the Renaissance Assessments, if deemed appropriate. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Sanchez at