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COVID-19 Information and Guidance

Pathways is a public school and therefore governed by health orders from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Cal-OSHA as it relates to our employees and students. We understand there is sometimes conflicting and confusing information distributed by the CDC, the CDPH, and the various county public health departments. However, Pathways must operate under the directives of the CDPH and Cal-OSHA.
This page is monitored and updated frequently. If you have questions, reach out to your regional center manager or your local county health department.
Statement on Community-Oriented Approach
Throughout the pandemic, schools worked closely with their state and county public health departments, as well as their communities to slow the spread and keep students and staff safe. As we enter the endemic phase of COVID-19, we are transitioning to a community-oriented approach. What that means is that public health departments and schools are now heavily relying on community members to play the primary role. What you should expect:
  • Families are expected to keep all sick persons home. Refer to our sick policy and do not come to campus if you are COVID-positive.
  • Families are expected to take the primary role in at-home testing and reporting positive results to the school. 
  • Families are expected to take responsibility for masking as appropriate. 
  • Families are expected to take the primary role in notifying schools of illness(es) that would keep their students home.
  • You have a responsibility to self-notify the schools and close contacts if you or anyone in your household tests positive.   
Use the information and guidance below to guide you. Remember, if you feel ill and are unsure about your COVID-19 status, test.
Masking Guidance
CDPH recommends all Californians consider the following when considering when to wear a mask:
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, masking for 10 days is strongly recommended. (Staff refer to HR for CalOSHA guidance). 
  • If you believe you were exposed and will be in contact with someone who is at higher risk, consider wearing a high-quality mask.   
  • If you are at higher risk of becoming severely ill, consider wearing a high-quality mask (respirator) when you are in an indoor public setting with poor ventilation, or when you are traveling on public transportation.  
  • When choosing to wear a mask, consider fit and filtration (respirators like N95, KN95, and KF94 are best).  
  • Anyone who wants to continue wearing their mask is welcome to do so. Pathways will continue to provide masks to those who wish to access them. 
Isolation Guidance
*Symptomatic staff and staff who test positive are required by Pathways and CalOSHA to test and report their results to school HR. 
Recommendations for people who test positive
  1. Stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms, until you have not had a fever fro 24 hours with using fever-reducing medication, and other COVID-19 symptoms are mild and improving. 
  2. Mask when you are around other people indoords for the 10 days* after you become sick or test positive (if no symptomps). You may remove your mask sooner than 10 days if you have two sequntial negative tests at least one day apart. Day 0 is the symptom onset date or positive test date. 
  3. Avoid contact with people at higher risk for severe COVID-19 for 10 days*.
  4. Seek Treatment. If you have symptoms, particularly if you are at higher risk for severe COVID-19, speak with a healthcare provider as soon as you test positive. You may be eligible for antiviral  medicines or other treatments for COVID-19. COVID-19 antiviral medicines work best if taken as soon as possible, and within 5-7 days from when symptoms start. 
*The potential infectious period is 2 days before the date of symptoms began or the positive test date (if no symptoms) through Day 10. (Day 0 is the symptom onset date or positive test date).  

 If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your regional center manager or principal. ALWAYS notify the school if you have tested positive for COVID

Close Contact 
  • If you have new COVID-19 symptoms, you should test and mask right away.
  • If you do not have symptoms, and are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 infection and would benefit from treatment, you should test within 5 days. 
  • If you do not have symptoms and have contact with people who are at higher risk for severe infection, you should mask indoors when around such people for 10 days. Consider testing within 5 days after the last exposure date (Day 0) and before contact with higher-risk people. For further details, see CDPH COVID-1​9 tes​​ting guidance​.​
  • Staff must reach out to HR for CalOSHA-specific guidance.