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Curriculum: K-8 » Science: K-8

Science: K-8

Science in elementary school involves two major components:
(1.)Common Core Connections:

Student will build on prior year knowledge using skills they learn through inquiry based learning to expand and refine their Science knowledge. Students should demonstrate the following skills: draw upon and write about evidence from informational text, work in small groups to problem solving and express ideas, make connections from multiple ideas and sources, acquire and use general academic and Science specific vocabulary and gain awareness of inconsistencies and poor reasoning in texts. Learn how to reason quantitatively and abstractly, and use tools to create Math models.


(2.)Practices: participate in inquiry based learning

  • Conduct grade-level appropriate investigations and experiments.
  • Record observations using tables and charts if appropriate
  • Analyze data by graphing or other visual representation
  • Differentiate observation from inference.
  • Formulate and justify predictions based on evidence.
  • Conduct multiple trials to test predictions.
  • Analyze results and draw conclusions supported by evidence.
  • Communicate findings in a formal written lab report.
To view the curriculum chart, please open the PDF below.
STEM Fair Resources
Project Ideas
Are you looking for ideas and support to enrich your child's science education? Science Buddies is a non-profit organization which provides teachers, parents, and students with a wealth of resources. We at Pathways encourage you to take advantage of all they have to offer, as described here from their website:
Overview of Science Buddies Programs & Resources

Taking inspiration from the news, from the frontlines of university research, and from kids themselves, our staff scientists publish new content weekly. They often collaborate with experts at high tech companies, government labs and agencies (like NOAA and NASA) and top universities. Science Buddies provides fun, intellectually-stimulating and cutting-edge science education resources such as:

  • An online library of 1000+ Project Ideas, which are detailed scientist-authored outlines that help students create a project in any of 30 different fields of science and engineering
  • The Topic Selection Wizard tool to help students find a project idea that perfectly matches their unique interests
  • The Project Guide is an online encyclopedia for how to do science research and science fair projects. It includes step-by-step guidance, actual sample assignments, photos of science fair projects, tips for success, and self-grading checklists for students. Also includes tools, techniques, and reference information such as safety guidelines and an Engineering Design Project Guide.
  • A robust Hands-on STEM for Your Classroom area with a curriculum for teaching the scientific method, printable classroom handouts, grading rubrics, and enrichment tools
  • The Ask an Expert online advice forum where scientists and engineers guide students who are doing science and engineering projects
  • Career Information includes 100+ Career Profiles to inform students about science, technology, engineering, and math careers. Career Profiles are tied into our library of Project Ideas so students can easily see how the science in their project is used in real-world careers.
  • Via the Summer Science Fellows Program, a small group of recent graduates (and Intel ISEF participants) join Science Buddies to work on specialized projects during summer months.