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Science: K-8

Science in the elementary grades involves two major components: Pathways Recommended Curriculum TK-8
(1) Common Core Connections

Students will build on prior year knowledge using skills they learn through inquiry-based learning to expand and refine their Science knowledge. Students should demonstrate the following skills: draw upon and write about evidence from informational texts, work in small groups to problem solving and express ideas, make connections from multiple ideas and sources, acquire and use general academic and Science-specific vocabulary, and gain awareness of inconsistencies and poor reasoning in texts. Learn how to reason quantitatively and abstractly, and use tools to create Math models.


(2) Practices

Participate in inquiry based learning:

  • Conduct grade-level appropriate investigations and experiments.
  • Record observations using tables and charts, if appropriate.
  • Analyze data by graphing or other visual representation.
  • Differentiate observation from inference.
  • Formulate and justify predictions based on evidence.
  • Conduct multiple trials to test predictions.
  • Analyze results and draw conclusions supported by evidence.
  • Communicate findings in a formal written lab report.
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